May 9, 2006

Money matters.

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Money Matters
March 20, 2006


Some couples fight openly over finances, others live with unspoken tensions. Money is an issue. From the start of a relationship, take time to plan and listen to each others financial language and avoid disillusionment in the long run. As virtuous women knowing our capabilities is very important. Knowing what you can as well as what you cannot do matters.

Decide together if it's better for you to be a career woman or a homemaker.

As a career woman, you should both talk extensively on issues like if he would be comfortable with the chances of you advancing so high in your career that you make more money, talk about how much you should both bring into the home, bring everything that involves your relationship pertaining to money on the table from the onset. Money has the tendency to intoxicate if you allow it.

Your decision to be a homemaker should be discussed extensively with your partner .Find out if it's okay by him for you to stay at home while he goes to work. As a homemaker, you can still be actively involved in financial issues in the home. Participate in the payments of bills by closely monitoring what goes out and comes in. Help to regulate your expenditures so that at all times you are not spending above your means. Nobody likes to be burdened consistently with the option of providing for anyone's every need you can both settle for an amount for your personal needs until the time you can begin to make some money so that you do not always have to ask him for money. Ask yourself why you want to be a homemaker, and then see if you can still make some money while fulfilling your desires.

One option is to work from home another is to invest in some other persons business as a silent partner and get paid from profits regularly. Another is to invest in shares, stocks and bonds. Am sure if we look around there are many ways to make money without letting the means we choose adversely affect our relationship with our family.


Ese Adonkie lives with her husband and two children in
Paris, France. Her passion is writing. She is involved in the children's ministry in her church and is currently studying to become a teacher. You can see more of her articles at and you can reach Ese at


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